Last Gig

For those unaware, we played the last Stand gig on January 15th 2005. The whole event was organised as memorial for our absent friend (and guitarist) Ben Lane.

The night was made extra special thanks to our friends Imbalance, HHH and Mend This Tear all reforming for one last time to celebrate Ben.

Stand would like to thank everyone involved for the great night we had. It was without a doubt the best time I've ever had watching bands.

It was itensely emotional, lots of fun and a fitting celebration of an amazing person.

We'd also like to thank everyone who ever supported us, put us on, got us a place to sleep, helped us get heard, went to see us play, liked our music and anyone who ever put us on a mix tape. Which ever category you fall into, we're very grateful because without you all those great times we had might not have been so great.

There are currently no plans for us to continue playing music together, though something may pop-up one day.

As for the website, it will continue to be active and serve as a document, although it's been striped down. If anyone has any photos or footage that they'd like to share with us please email.

Currently Luke & I are running Ben's label The Audacious Art Experiment and enjoying having free Sundays.

For retrospecive Stand purchases the best place to look is Luke's shopBlack Lodge Records which manifests itself in the both the real and virtual worlds.

Again, thanks for reading. Bestie.

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